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  1. I am reaching out you to ask for your support in our upcoming food competition, Social Dish, which will benefit the local Pittsburgh Community and the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank!
    Social Dish is a food competition that has a VERY unique structure that is going to be featuring ONLY local bars and restaurants. We differ from any other event, in a way that we do not have a specific location/venue, no short time period to attend, no fees for the customers(other than buying the food), and we make everything as easy as possible for restaurants and customers.

    The main reason we are doing this competition is to connect Pittsburghers to the locally owned businesses, rather than the chains and fast food restaurants that are overwhelmingly available. People go to the chain locations because it is easy, convenient, and when the question of “Where do you want to eat?” comes up, for many people, these Local locations are not on the top of their minds. With Social Dish, we will be putting these locations directly into the hands of Pittsburgh, to make the choice easy and giving people a fun event to participate in, while, enjoying a night out their friends and family, all while supporting a great cause.

    Our competition spans over one month (June 1-July 1 2014) and takes place in each restaurant during normal business hours. Each participating restaurant is going to be creating a unique, creative appetizer that will feature this season’s competition ingredient, Basil! During that month, we will be encouraging people to come to each location to order this dish and give DIRECT FEEDBACK on the food, establishment, and service by diners filling out a voting card when they are eating the dish. The six categories are Flavor, Presentation, Originality, Temperature of food/drink, Cleanliness of the restaurant, and Overall Service. We are encouraging people to go out together, share an appetizer, and discuss their food!

    We have also joined with the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank to commit to support fighting local hunger, which is a VERY serious issue in Southwestern PA. Every time someone orders the Social Dish appetizer from a participating location, $1.00 will be donated to the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank.

    We have created a small, pocket-sized Restaurant Guide that will have all of the participating locations, their hours, website, their unique Social Dish Appetizer, and other necessary info. For customers visiting multiple locations, they will be able to earn a FREE gift card to their favorite participating restaurant and the value is determined on how many locations they visit over the competition month. The gift cards help reward people for participating, as well as creating residual business for the restaurants after June 2014. A Restaurant Guide is needed for each diner if they want to earn the Free Gift card as they will need to be marked with a sticker from the server when the appetizer is ordered. You can request booklets and find details of the Gift Card structure on our site. (http://www.social-dish.com/participate.html) We will be getting these booklets out all over the city, but the best way to get one is to request one through the mail!

    Again, our goal is to see that the local places are succeeding to their highest potential by people helping people. Every aspect of Social Dish is designed to help and support the Pittsburgh community, economy, and identity. We would love to have your support and make June a very exciting month in Pittsburgh!

    For 2014, Social Dish will feature 10 Locally owned Restaurant Locations:
    Social at Bakery Square
    Caffe Davio
    CC’s Café
    La Palapa
    1947 Tavern
    D’s Six Pax and Dogz

    Social Dish Team

    1. That sounds great! I aim to support local charities and businesses, I’d be happy to visit a few places in June. I’ll make sure to check out your website for more details 🙂


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